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I have been reading articles and blogs by various discernment ministries (aka ODMs or Online Discernment Ministries). From time to time, the doctrinal viewpoint of a specific ODM will become apparent. Some are Arminian, others are Calvinist/Reformed. Yet others have a different theology.

I do not endorse the main tenets of this article discussing various ODMs  – the article is rather critical of ODMs in general. However, I did find its list of discernment ministries – and their theological positions – very helpful. I am hoping to adapt this list, placing the ODMs in alphabetical order.  I am also hoping to add direct links to the ODMs soon.

Also note – I have not verified the doctrinal stance of each ODM. I have simply copied and pasted the list below.

Also, in this blog I will not delve into which ODMs are biblically sound and which are not. My goal here is simply to help readers determine where various ODMs are coming from, doctrinally. (Personally, I find most ODMs helpful in providing at least some research info, even when I disagree with the theology of the ODM. Simply put, I try to use discernment when perusing ODM articles, using the “wheat” and avoiding the “chaff”.) All opinions mentioned below are the opinions of the original author, not necessarily my own:


A Christian Journey – Cassandrah Batya (Closed down)

Alliance of Biblical Pentecostals – Gary Osbourne,ÿ

Apologetics For ChristiansKelly & Theresa Powers

Apologetics Index – Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson,ÿ

Apostasy Alert– Jackie Alnor

Apostasy Revealed – Clive J. Smith

Apostasy Watch – Steve Lumbley

The Berean Call – Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon

Cephas Ministry – Nicholas A. Stivers and Rita Williams, &

Christian Research Service – Bud Press

Christian Research Institute – Hank Hanegraaff, D

Critical Issues Commentary – Bob DeWaay, ÿ

Deception in the Church – Sandy Simpson,ÿ N

Discernment-Ministries/HERESCOPE – Jewel van der Merwe, now Jewel Grewe,ÿ

Eastern Regional Watch – Steve Muse,ÿ

In Plain Sight.org – Carol & Al Brooks, ÿ

Let Us Reason – Mike Oppenheimer,ÿ

Moriel Ministries – James Jacob Prasch, Yÿ

Olive Tree Ministries – Jan Markell, Y O

Reasoning for the Scriptures – Ron Rhodes

Spiritual Counterfeits Project – Tal Brooke

Spiritual Research Network – Chris Lawson,ÿ

Spiritwatch Ministries – several Pentecostals,ÿThe Berean Call – Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon

The Discernment Web Ring – Several,ÿ

TNN Online – John K. McKee,  Y,ÿ

Understanding the Times, Int’l – Roger Oakland

Wood and Steel– Scott MacIntyre (Closed down)


Alpha and Omega Ministries – James R. White

Apprising Ministries – Ken Silva,ÿ

Berean Beacon– Richard Bennett

Biblical Discernment Ministries – Rick Miesel

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) – Matthew J. Slick,ÿ

Christian Research Net – Ken Silva and other contributors, [ÿ

Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet – Dr. Peter Jones

Christian Worldview Network.com – Brannon S. Howse

Discernment.org – Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Faith Defenders – Dr. Robert Morey

Lighting the Way International – Dwayna Litz, [N

Phil Johnson’s Bookmarks – Phillip R. Johnson

Slice of Laodicea – Ingrid Schlueter

Stand To Reason – Gregory


Sovereignty + Free Will

Kjos Ministries – Berit Kjos, [G

Lighthouse Trails Research Project – Deborah Dombrowski, [G


Y Messianic, ÿ-Non-cessationist, N – Demonism/Spiritual Warfare

& – King James Only, D – Preterist, G – Jesus and the Bible Only!

[ Doctrinally Syncretistic (Sovereignty of God AND Sovereignty of Man)

O – Dispensational

Other Ministries

Critical Issues Commentary – Bob DeWaay, ÿ :  DeWaay’s spiritual journey includes an early slog through charismania, but also graduation from North Central Bible College (Pentecostal) and Bethel Seminary (Pentecostal).  His ministry is generally on solid ground regarding the subject of free will, a rare phenomena indeed.  See his article here.  This appears attributable to sovereign grace, exposure to Reformed and Lutheran scholars, and “verse by verse expository teaching and preaching” in a pastoral setting.  His academic background and having little-to-no exposure to dispensational scholars may explain his non-cessationist views.

Watchman Fellowship – James K. Walker, This site is large and maintained by a professional staff.  Evangelical, baptistic.



Messianic approaches to combine OT & NT are heretical

Abrahamic Faith – Simon Altaf, YÿN

(New Covenant Israel — Assembly of Yahshua)

 (allows for polygamy)

B’nai Yahshua Synagogues Worldwide Y

(New Covenant Israel — Assembly of Yahshua)

 (allows for polygamy)

Moriel Ministries – James Jacob Prasch, Yÿ

Rock Salt Publishing – James Sundquist, Y

TNN Online – John K. McKee,  Yÿ


Probe Ministries – Jimmy Williams, Kerby Anderson, Rusty Wright, O

Research assistance from Susan Plunkett, SC



Sandy Simpson, On Emergent Church leaders calling apologetics and discernment ministries “Online Discernment Ministries” (ODM)

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