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Tragically, it is becoming more and more difficult to find biblically sound Christian colleges. But they ARE out there. I have copied and pasted the following list from Lighthouse Trails Research. I’m assuming this list is incomplete. Also, I’m assuming there are some seminaries out there that are not promoting Contemplative/ Emerging and do not have a Spiritual Formation program.

I am adding links as I locate them. The original college list from Lighthouse Trails can be found at:


Here is the Lighthouse Trails list as of 4/20/11 (revised by me):leges That are Not Promoting Contemplative/Emerging and Do Not Have a Spiritual Formation Program

Click here for List of Contemplative Colleges [I have revised this link-Dave Mosher]

The schools below do NOT promote contemplative/emerging spirituality. In addition, they do not include “spiritual formation (i.e., contemplative) in their programs.

Disclaimer: These colleges are listed, not necessarily as an endorsement or recommendation, but rather to show schools that do not have Spiritual Formation programs, nor do we know of any promotion of contemplative prayer or the emerging church within each of these schools. They also do not promote Purpose Driven materials, which are a catalyst for contemplative spirituality. Before sending your student to any of the schools listed below, please check out other criteria at the school that will influence your student.

Ambassador Baptist College (North Carolina)

Appalachian Bible College (West Virginia)

Atlanta Baptist College (Georgia)

Baptist Bible College & Graduate School (Missouri)

Berean Bible Institute (Wisconsin)

Bob Jones University (South Carolina)[I have revised this link-DM]

Boston Baptist College (Massachusetts)

College of the Open Bible & Theological Seminary (Online)

Cornerstone Bible Institute (South Dakota)

Faith Baptist Bible College & Seminary (Iowa)

Heartland Baptist Bible College ( Oklahoma)

His Hill Bible School and Camp (Texas)

International Baptist College (Arizona)

Internet Bible Institute (online)

Liberty Baptist College (Georgia)
(see Atlanta B. C.)

Millar College (Sask, CA)

Pensacola Christian College (Florida)

Special Note: If your student is not yet aware of what the New Age movement (such as contemplative, emerging, etc.) really is, you should ask them to read For Many Shall Come in My Name. The book is a compelling overview of the New Age movement. This book will prepare young people and adults alike to recognize dangerous and non-biblical practices and beliefs that are being introduced into countless Christian schools.

If you know of a Bible-believing Christian college or seminary that does not promote contemplative or emerging and does not have a Spiritual Formation program, please drop us an email and tell us the name of the institution. We would like to post some of these on our research site.

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