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Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) merges into the Emergent Stream

[The following blog, with the above title, has been copied and pasted directly from the following website:


I am reposting this article because one of my alma maters is on the list of CCO colleges, and I am ANGRY – angry that Spiritual Formation, the Emergent/ Emerging Church, and occult contemplative spirituality has infiltrated my alma mater via CCO and other avenues.]

Does your college student attend any of these colleges? If so, they promote the CCO/Jubilee Conference held in Pittsburgh this February. Learn about the speakers who will be influencing college students, youth groups, and church staffs.

Karen Sloan: Presbymergent Speaker at CCO/Jubilee describes herself as Monastic, Emergent and Presbyterian.

From Karen’s Presbyterian side:

At the core of my work identity I am a Presbyterian pastor. No matter where life takes me, being a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a minister of the Word and Sacrament will be with me. What I do not yet know is where in the expansive PC(USA) structure I will wind up working over the long-term. God’s providence clearly guided the beginnings of my Presbyterian journey, and will to continue to do so in these ways of presbymergent/new monastic leading.

. . . my Presbyterian journey took an even more surprising turn as it collided with my Emergent journey.

From Karen’s Emergent side:

It was an honor to write for An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, particularly on such a sensitive, unspoken, but nonetheless critical topic as sexual integrity. As we dream and hope about what the church may become, one piece of that is an honest conversation about what makes for healthy sexuality. The chapter I wrote, “Emergent Kissing: Authenticity and Integrity in Sexuality,” hopes to contribute to that conversation.

From Karen’s Monastic side:

In the year between finishing seminary and my first job as an ordained minister, I wound up praying regularly with a group of Dominicans, and exploring various aspects of life in a Catholic order. I never expected this to end up in a book.  A significant part of my personal curiosity about Catholic life was bound up in my attraction to a man in the process of joining the Dominican order.

Karen Sloan’s book, “Flirting with Monasticism: Finding God on Ancient Paths” praised by Phyllis Tickle and Brian McLaren

Karen is a  graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Ordained PCUSA Pastor, member of The Presbymergent Coordinating Group for 2009-2010, and contributor to the Emergent Manifesto.

AND speaker at the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) / Jubilee Conference.


From End Times Apostasy Watchman:

I did a bit of follow-up research after reading the above blogger. Following is a link to ALL the speakers scheduled for Jubilee 2011. I hope to research each speaker, to find out their ties to Spiritual Formation, the Emergent/Emerging Church movement, and occult contemplative spirituality:


And, after even more examining of the CCO website, I’ve found more info on CCO’s Emergent connections. Check out especially the following link:


And, I am going through blogs at the following links, searching for blogs that expose “the dark side” of CCO:


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