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Following are some serious questions to ask all your pastors, professors, etc. who are teaching Spiritual Formation, Emergent Church concepts, and Contemplative Spirituality.  Although addressed to Mennonite Brethren, the questions can be posed to leaders of any denomination. Click here for the entire blog.

Now for the questions:

Isn’t it time for some important questions to be asked of those in leadership? Here are a few ideas:

Do you actually think it’s biblical to return to Roman Catholic practices?

Do you actually believe that the first century church practiced contemplative spirituality?

Have you forgotten why you call yourself Mennonites?

Do you think that under the circumstances it might be more appropriate to change your name in keeping with other emerging terms (un-christian, new kind of Christian, re-imagining, etc.) and call yourselves un-Mennonites, ex-mennonites, or post-Mennonites?

Do you honestly believe it is spirituality beneficial to promote Jesuit spirituality and practice the prayer methods of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits whose oath is to the Vatican?

Do you honestly think that it is beneficial to endorse Benedictine rules and rhythms to the people under your leadership?

Are you concerned that so many in your churches and seminaries are spewing forth the language and terminology of the emerging church and Roman Catholic mystics?

Have you forgotten your first love, Jesus Christ?

Do you realize or care that there are many concerned biblical Christians who have had to leave their beloved churches because of these teachings which you have condoned and promoted?

Will your Bible seminaries ever make the cut for this list?

Are you even aware that you are you teaching a mixture of truth and error?

Do you teach the difference between the holy and profane?

Or are you leading your sheep down the ecumenical path to Babylon?

Are you teaching discernment or the acceptance of neo-monasticism and emerging church theology?

Are you willing to take your stand on God’s Word or do you back away from controversy?

Are you protecting the sheep from the wolves?

Do you worry at all about leading those under your headship astray?

Are you at all concerned about your accountability to God?

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