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I recently learned the Canton (Ohio) Repository has a blogger who is writing about the paranormal on this blogsite.

I am extremely upset with The Repository – supposedly a family-friendly newspaper. Recently they had a contest to select “community bloggers” for their website. They picked this paranormal blogger as one of the winners. Now his garbage is a regular topic on their website, under the title of “Paranormal Journeys.” I am writing this blog not only to express my own anger, but to make others (Christians especially) in the community aware of this abomination.

Inclusion of this blogger on The Repository website is “a slap in the face” to all the born again Christian churches which give business to The Repository by advertising in The Repository “Faith and Values” section each Saturday. I would encourage every attender of these churches to stop subscribing to The Repository and protest loudly until this blogger is removed.

To try to comply with copyright rules, I am copying and pasting several entire “Paranormal Journeys” blogs without omissions, with links to the original source. However, I am adding a bit – I am emphasizing certain points by bolding, and inserting comments in [brackets].

Following is the first “Paranormal Journey” blog (click here for the original location.)

By Ken Roberts (Feb 29, 2012)

Welcome to the world of the paranormal, Poe, horror and the unknown. By way of introduction let me give you a little background on myself. My wife, Margarita and I own the Warehouse on the Canal building located in downtown Canal Fulton aka; The Warehouse or The Haunted Warehouse. The Edgar Allan Poe Theater is located within the Warehouse and the Warehouse has become Ohio’s Center for Poe, Ghosts and Horror. We created the original ghost tours in the downtown area of Canal Fulton and since 2003 our Warehouse Ghost Tours has attracted people from all over due to our refreshing and unique approach to the paranormal where our customers will witness or experience for themselves a paranormal encounter. Our tours are described as an, “enlightening and spiritual journey “as compared to the standard scary ghost event. We have created what may be the first of its kind, a Team Building exercise through the use of the paranormal and a tourism marketing umbrella called, The Warehouse / Dead and Loving It Tourism. We work with researchers on the paranormal including near death studies and other research institutions that we will be sharing along with an insight as seen through the eyes of a psychic medium with over 50 years of experience, talking about the most often asked questions, food for thought, ghost hunting, some crazy superstitions on ghosts and the customs in Victorian America, Edgar Allan Poe, horror in general, the unknown and much more. It is impossible to talk about the paranormal without the inclusion of a psychic medium. Those who are passionate about the paranormal are just as passionate as those who are about football, basketball, etc. and the same respect should be extended.

We are a Christian based company [what? excuse me? did I read this correctly? this really ticks me off as a born again Christian; how dare this blogger say his company is “Christian based”] and the topic of ghosts is one subject matter that invites opinions and positions of all kinds as well as pushing your hot buttons. We are going to provide both a traditional and a new perspective on the paranormal, so, I hope to hear from you and what you think.

At a later date we will announce a fun pot luck get together that will include full ghost discussions and a ghost experience event at the Warehouse. Depending upon the number of people that might be interested, we will need to address how the invites will be made later on, so, stay connected.

The following “Paranormal Journey” blogs are especially angering to me:

The Mother of all Hot Buttons: Ghosts + Psychic Mediums vs the Bible
By Ken Roberts (Mar 11, 2012)

The mother of all hot buttons:

Ghosts + Psychic Mediums vs. the Bible

It may or may not be what you thought Series

 Part 1:

 Why raise this Hot Button?

 It is impossible to talk about ghosts and a psychic medium without this issue coming up. Rather than to try to put on a veil of uncertainty or to skirt around the issue, I thought that it would be more respectful to bring it out in the open and allow for you to express your opinions either for it or against it.


 Depending upon your position taken; if you run across someone that knows who you are, you may get a response anywhere from a thumbs up or a “Thank you” to someone holding up two fingers in the sign of a cross.

 Who am I?

 I am a Catholic and in my younger days I was in the seminary to become a priest. [I’m not surprised by this – many Catholics speak highly of apparitions of  Mary, as well as visions and direct messages from Jesus, saints and angels. These are all occult, demonic counterfeits.] I have been happily married to the same person for over 30 years with two married children and two granddaughters.  I try to respect the rights of all people and sometimes supporting those opinions people can claim that they are contrary to what the Bible is telling them. For the past 30 years we have been continually involved in community and charity work helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

 What does the church say?

 I am only commenting on what the Catholic Church says at this time. In talking to a Monsignor he told me that the Church’s “official” position is that they recognize the presence of “spirit energies” (ghosts)[I’m going to try to locate this “official position” online. The Catholic Church is known for performing exorcisms – but these are exorcisms of demons. I do not give weight to the words of Catholic authorities, but to the Bible. The Bible tells us “familiar spirits” ( so-called “ghosts”) are demonic, fallen angels, not spirits of deceased people.] What is important is not that they exist, but, how you view them or how they will interfere with your relationship with God. [Familiar spirits will interfere with your relationship with God!!! They will deceive you and destroy you by leading you straight down the occult, New Age path to Hell and the Lake of Fire for eternity.] 

Who comes to a Ghost Tour?

 It is people that represent every demographic, cultural and theological background possible. To our specific Warehouse Ghost Tours that we bill as, “an enlightening and spiritual journey”, we attract all walks of life that have included having had priests, nuns, pastors and ministers representing almost every church denomination along with members of their church and congregations including even those that profess to be non-believers in almost everything. They did so without the fear of jeopardizing or questioning their own beliefs, standards and morals. [All I can say, is, these religious people are either nonchristians or disobedient born again Christians. The Bible specifically forbids exploration of/contact with the supernatural realm of familiar spirits.]

 So that there are no misunderstandings whatsoever, there is one position that we take without compromise; under no circumstances should you put anyone or anything before God regardless of what denomination that you belong too. [I’m not sure what this blogger is trying to say here; I think he is trying to say “don’t worship familiar spirits.”]

 Let’s get started:

 When it comes to the paranormal there is no more controversy and heated emotions than when the Bible is quoted; especially, when a psychic medium is mentioned. [I can think of many more controversial and widely debated topics than psychic mediums – such as the existence of Hell, eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire, etc.] When asked most have no idea of where it is in the Bible, but, just assume that it is there because people have told them so. Just for the record, there are multiple mentions in the Bible referencing a medium.

(critique to be continued…)


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