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I received this wonderful message from a reader on 05/14/11.  I am omitting some personal details to keep this reader’s identity anonymous. I have emphasized certain points by bolding, and inserted comments in [brackets]:

Hi Dave –

I was a birthright Hicksite Quaker… We attended progressive Quaker schools such as Swarthmore College and George School.

My Quaker [acquaintances] were appalled when I became a born again Christian…

The senior pastor of my church [not a Quaker church] where I have been a member for [many] years has recently recommended the devotional discipleship of Richard Foster. I looked him up. I was intrigued that he was an Evangelical Quaker, but I was quick to discover that the core of Foster’s teaching is not Biblical. He denies man’s birth in spiritual death and denies that the only way to be born spiritually alive is to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. This new spirituality looks to me like the heresy of mysticism deceptively cloaked in seemingly Biblical teaching…

… I look forward to reading about this on your website.

Late in my research, I was linked to your 1877 quote from an Ohio Quaker meeting condemning George Fox’s [Inner Light] mysticism which succinctly summed up my angst…

[I have withheld this person’s name]

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